Whiter Teeth Make Smiles Look Better

  • April 25, 2016

Your driveway isn’t the only thing that attracts stains from frequent use, your teeth gradually take on stains as well.

Today, we want to explain how teeth whitening can help you remove those stains. If you live in or near Boca Raton, FL, all you need to do is make an appointment at the office of orthodontic specialist, Dr. Robert A. Eckelson.

Removing Stains

Stains on your driveway may not come up easily. Your first instinct may be to grab you garden hose with a spray attachment. As you spray the water, you may see a little difference. You also may realize your garden hose is not powerful enough to remove all the stains.

Knowing this, you may buy, borrow, or rent a pressure washer. This will allow you to peel away the stains more effectively and in less time.

Both tools use the say thing — water — yet one is clearly more suited for the job.

You could say something similar about tooth whitening products.

Many commercial tooth whitening products use the same ingredients as the professional tooth whitening products we offer in our office. The main difference is that professional products have a higher concentration of those ingredients.

As a result of this difference, however, the professional tooth whitening is more powerful. This allows those products to remove the stains from your teeth faster and more effectively.

Levels Of Whitening

The kind of whitening you need depends on the nature and the severity of your stains. We like to start with the simplest solution and work our way up, if needed.

Many patients start with our version of Crest Whitestrips. You can buy Whitestrips over the counter, but ours are more advanced than the ones you will find in the grocery store.

Crest Whitestrips are easy to apply and simple to use. As long as you use them as directed, you should see an improvement in your smile in a short amount of time.

The next step in whitening could be Opalescence whitening products. These use soft universal whitening trays that you will wear for a specified amount of time. Most patients can see a big change in the whiteness of their teeth in 10 days or less with this product.

The final level of whitening that we offer starts by making custom-made trays just for you. This will allow you to attain the whitest and brightest smiles in the fastest time.

We can tailor the whitening gel in these trays to meet your needs. Our custom-made trays make your teeth whitening as effective as it can be.

Why We Offer Whitening

Our practice is focused primarily on orthodontic treatment, so we know some of you may be wondering why we offer whitening. After your treatment, your teeth may be darker or more yellow than you would like. You may even notice uneven levels of whiteness on the same tooth after your braces are removed. You just put in the time to have your teeth straightened; you deserve to have the best smile that you can.

Our professional teeth whitening options will help your smile look better then ever. This is true for our orthodontic patients or anyone who would like to remove unwanted stains from their teeth.

Clean Up Your Smile

You may have some staining even if you have been brushing and flossing daily and keeping your routine dental cleanings. It’s natural for your teeth to become more yellow after decades of use.

If you would like to restore the whiteness of your smile, then contact our office, Robert A. Eckelson, D.D.S., P.A.  Complete our online form or call 561-235-3100 to make a tooth whitening appointment at our office in Boca Raton.


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