Last-Minute Dental Tips For Valentine’s Day

  • February 9, 2016

Do you hear that ticking noise?

It’s a quiet sound right now, but in the coming days it’s only going to get louder and louder until you can’t possibly ignore it.

Can you guess what that sound is? Why, it’s the sound of time running out to get your smile ready for Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, you’ve procrastinated to the point where there’s too much work to do and not enough time to do it in.

At this late hour, there really is not much that I can do; if you call and manage to actually get an appointment in time, I promise you that I will certainly do my best. Just be aware that, if you are in need of extensive reconstruction work, the results won’t be ready when you want them to be.

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of a quick teeth cleaning. By removing any unsightly plaque and other bacteria living in your mouth, your teeth, gums, and breath will be much improved.

Even a whitening procedure could help reinvigorate your smile, but there’s not enough time for the effects to really be noticeable to your big date.

Regardless, if you’re in need of a smile makeover right away, then there’s only so much help I can provide in the short amount of time you’ve got until Feb 14th arrives. By waiting so late to do something to improve your smile, you have effectively tied my hands behind my back.


Doing the Best With What You’ve Got


Because you’ve avoided seeing your Boca Raton dentist for timely treatment, then you’re going to have to make do with the smile you have.

This can be a difficult prospect depending on how much work your smile needs, and how badly your smile has affected your self-esteem.

That’s why I want to share with you some tips about what you can do to make your smile the best it can be in time for Valentine’s Day. I want to help you even if I can’t physically treat you!


  • Brushing and flossing – You’d be surprised how happy your gums and teeth will be if you can commit to these steps after just a few days. If you’ve been neglecting daily flossing and brushing, you could already be suffering from gum disease. You can start to improve the appearance of red, bleeding gums into healthy, pink gums
  • Whitening strips – If you had only taken the time to get an appointment with me earlier, I could have given you professional-strength whitening trays that can give you results in as little as a week. However, now you’re forced to seek out weaker, over-the-counter solutions. They do a decent job, but they only attack stains on the surface of your teeth. You’ll notice an improve, even though your smile won’t be completely white by the 14th. I’d recommend Crest® whitening trays, as I use their advanced strength counterparts in my office.
  • Bad breath elimination – You might not realize it, but a simple mint can actually make your breath worse. Sugars and some sugar substitutes in the vast majority of breath mints can actually contribute to the bacteria that causes halitosis. I’d recommend a fluoride mouthwash approved by the American Dental Association. Fresh, clean-smelling breath can make a world of difference to your Valentine!
  • Believe in yourself  – Although confidence doesn’t seem to have anything to do with oral health, they often go hand-in-hand. Studies have shown connections between poor teeth and gums and low self-esteem. If you can learn to muster the courage to carry yourself with pride for that special night, you just might appearance attractive enough to compensate for your unattractive smile.


A word of warning: Even if you do all of these things, they won’t fix your teeth if they are crooked, chipped, gapped, heavily stained, or outright missing. If any of those describe your smile, then there is only thing that can help you: An appointment with me so I can develop a long-term plan to improve your smile.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to proper oral health, only stop-gap measures to delay the inevitable.

In fact, it might be a good idea to make me your Valentine, instead! There will be no chance of embarrassment or rejection. I’ll provide you with the dental treatment you need to make sure next Valentine’s Day is your best ever!

You can reach me at 561-235-3100 to make your appointment, or you can request an appointment online.


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