A Whiter Smile Can Make You Happier | Boca Raton, FL

  • November 8, 2015

We would all love to have pearly white teeth.

Just walk down the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store. Count how many different products promote themselves as whitening products. Toothpaste, mouthwash, gels, and strips all claim they can give you a whiter smile.

You may have even tried some of these products yourself, but became frustrated with the results or how long it seems to take.

No matter what your previous experience has been, you can have whiter teeth. If you live in the Boca Raton area, Ronald A. Eckelson, D.D.S., P.A., can show you how.

Causes of stained teeth

When you look at celebrity magazines, you see photos of people with perfect hair, perfect outfits, and perfect teeth. This isn’t reality for most of us, but it is possible to have much whiter teeth with the help of your dentist.

Before we get to how that is possible, let’s consider some common causes of stained teeth:

Food and drinks – It may seem obvious, but things we put in our mouths can cause the stains we see on our teeth. Soft drinks, wine, coffee, and tea are some drinks known to leave stains, but you may not realize that some vegetables and fruits can also cause discoloration.

Disease – Certain diseases can weaken or damage the enamel on your teeth. This is the hard substance on the outside of your teeth that protects against tooth decay. If your enamel is weakened, your tooth may become discolored.

Medications – Unfortunately, tooth staining can be a side effect of some antibiotics, antihistamines, antipsychotics, and even high blood pressure medicines.

Aging – As we get older, our teeth may show signs that they have been used for decades.

Bad oral hygiene – It should go without saying, but if you don’t care for your teeth properly, yellow, stained teeth are likely. Remember to brush twice a day and floss once per day.

Tobacco products – Smoking, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products can leave your teeth more susceptible to staining and tooth decay.

Yellow teeth may affect how you feel about your smile and about yourself. Thankfully, we’ll explain how you can have whiter teeth again.

Whitening options

We offer a few options for our patients in the Boca Raton area who want whiter teeth.

Generally, we start with a less expensive options, Crest Whitestrips. To be clear, this is a stronger product than you will find at the drugstore or your local grocery.

Like the over the counter product, these Whitestrips use plastic strips that have hydrogen-peroxide gel. This helps remove stains without damaging the enamel on your teeth. However, it may leave your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks.

For people who may have developed some stains after wearing an orthodontic device, this can be an effective way to remove the stains when they are finished with their orthodontic treatment.

Opalescence Whitening can give you a whiter smile in a matter of weeks. If you need to reach deep stains, this may be the option for you. With this method, you will wear trays filled with whitening gel.

Both of these options can be effective in giving you the whiter smile that you desire, but be aware that whitening treatments generally are not permanent and may need to be repeated down the road.

Benefits of white teeth

Fair or not, people may judge you by your teeth. If you have yellow or stained teeth, people may think you have unhealthy teeth.

This also might affect how you feel about yourself. Your smile is part of who your are, and your teeth are on display when you smile. If you aren’t comfortable with your smile, it may affect how you interact with the people that you meet each day.

Dr. Eckelson will see you personally if you come to our office. He takes time to get to know you as his patient, and he’ll do his best to give you the treatment and care you need and want.

If you are looking for a dentist who will give you his time and attention, Dr. Eckelson may be the dentist for you. At this practice, our goal is to provide personalized care that helps our patients’ self-esteem soar.

And give you a whiter smile is just one way we can help you.

If you’d like to learn more about tooth whitening, call our dental office in Boca Raton at 561-235-3100 or visit our online form to make an appointment.


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